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About us

We are Alfonso and Claudia, the owners of Monarca, and we tell a powerful story about how we strive to find the American dream. Moving from Mexico with little to nothing to our names. We’ve grown our family and want to share our love of food and culture right here where we live. So we are Monarca Dining! And are the premier modern Mexican dining experience, right here in Utah. We strive to raise the bar for the Salt Lake food scene and by extension the greater Utah area. We do this by leveraging modern Mexican cuisine infused with a twist of our own story. Monarca, referring to the Monarca Butterfly, is a symbol of the heritage we’ve made for ourselves and how we have now established ourselves here in the Utah valley. Making it our permanent home. Just like the distant journey that the ever so delicate and small Monarca Butterfly travels from Mexico north to the US, we too have made that journey and we want to share it with our community. Becoming local citizens and building up the surrounding community is truly what we want to do. We do love building our community while simultaneously chasing the American dream. We do this by growing our businesses and establishing new locations in our surrounding communities and share the food we find most precious to us. We believe that community is everything. We can not just be in the community but of the community. We do our best to share that with our customers and we believe if you ask any one of them or those who have followed our journey they all know our slogan, “We are community.”